About Us

Better Living Through Innovation and Environmental Care


We have a goal to become the most attractive traders who can provide and guarantee reliability, excellent service and quick response to all parties. We could become the most sustainable innovative partners to industries relying on tantalite, cassiterite, wolframite, beryl, lithium and manganese products.

We understand the challenges along the value chain and provide superior solutions. Using our strengths and knowledge to develop service that support the trend towards a greener future, as we see both world technical progress and sustainability as our responsibility.




We seek to provide effective solutions to ensure our stability in the supply and settlement chains, using techniques that satisfy our partners.

We have a strong customer focus based on a reliable, collaborative, long-term partnership and we are committed to environmental sustainability and social responsibility.


Based on our company MinTerra FZE policies and complying with Code of Conduct stipulated below, we will continue to pursue technical rationality and efficiency and make improvements in quality and other matters in all aspects of our services.

Ensuring a stable supply of non-ferrous resources and materials is our social mission.

In the conduct of our business, we are committed to maintaining and enhancing a harmonious relationship with a wide range of our customers and the communities in which we operate and will disclose corporate information in an active and equitable manner while focusing on the protection of personal information. In international business operations, we aim to contribute to sustainable development by protecting the fundamental human rights of people in countries and areas where we operate, and by respecting their cultures and customs we stand firm against all antisocial forces and groups that threaten social order and safety.

We are committed to contributing to the sustainable development of society on a global scale and will comply with domestic and/or overseas laws and regulations, and will engage in fair, transparent and free competition and trade based on the fulfillment of our social responsibilities. Management executives will take the lead in implementing this code of conduct and ensure it is thoroughly implemented in all supply chain.


Supply Chain Policy

MinTerra FZE believes it is essential to establish validated, conflict-free sources of the 3T minerals so that these can be procured in a way that contributes to the economic growth of the regions. We are passionate about creating responsible mineral supply chains that avoid contributing to conflict, human rights abuses, or other risks.

Whistleblow Policy

We are committed to creating and maintaining a culture of openness within our organisation so that individuals feel encouraged and confident to raise any concerns relating to suspected misconduct at an early stage. 


Ethical Policy

MinTerra FZE strives to provide the highest standards in supplying the raw materials required by its customers in the global metals and chemical industries it serves. In the course of our activities, we pay particular attention to how we approach and transact our businesses, especially in any under-developed countries in which we might operate. 

Health, safety, human rights, social and environmental impacts are each a priority focus when considering establishing any new business transactions. These aspects are frequently monitored for reviewing decisions over the continuity of arrangements. Our missions are to be the preferred supplier in all areas of its businesses, and this we believe can only be achieved by having a philosophy of establishing fair, responsible and ethical practices.

We pay particular attention to the way transactions occur in developing countries to ensure practices are ethical and fair.


If you want to become our partner or have additional questions please feel free to contact us.