For Buyers & Sellers

Opportunity for Cooperation

With a team on the ground in Kenya, Uganda, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Botswana, we are able to visit the mining sites ourselves, take a representative sample of the entire mining site and get scan results from an independent, trustworthy and internationally laboratory. At the same time, we can participate in all processes, thus ensuring the quality of the purchased mineral and ensuring that the expected time of procedures will be observed. 

For Sellers

We have close and long-term partnership with companies in China which are the end users, so we can get the best shipping and payment terms.

Moreover we can ensure demand and an attractive purchase price for minerals. Currently we are buying these minerals: Tantalite, Cassiterite, Wolframite, Beryl, Manganese, Lithium in the Africa countries mentioned above.

If you have an offer that is not listed above, please fill out the contact form and contact us.

For Buyers

If you are looking for a mineral from African country that we have listed above and we can not supply that mineral for you please contact us.

We can be your partners in sourcing material if you have a supplier in the country where we got the team on the ground. In this case, we can help ensure the entire process from mining site inspection to container loading for an agreed service fee.

If you see any other opportunity where our cooperation could meet please feel free to contact us.