MinTerra FZE strives to provide the highest standards in supplying the raw materials required by its customers in the global metals and chemical industries it serves.


Our current main focus is in trading 3T Minerals, Beryl, Manganese and Lithium. We have close partners in East and Central Africa.


Being a FULL MEMBER of iTSCi a priority focus is on health, safety, human rights, social and environments impacts.

About Us

MinTerra FZE is a newly established mineral trading company but with experience and know-how working in Africa.

As a committed member of the iTSCi programme, we work to achieve avoidance of conflict financing, human rights abuses, or other risks in mineral supply chains.

Materials & Specifications

Our current main focus is in trading Tantalite, Cassiterite, Wolframite, Beryl, Lithium and Manganese. However, we are always looking for new perspectives .

iTSCi compliant


Estimated quantities around 30MT per month.


Estimated quantities around 100MT per month.

iTSCi compliant


Estimated quantities around 100MT per month.


Estimated quantities around 200MT per month.

iTSCi compliant


Estimated quantities around 40MT per month.


Estimated quantities around 60MT per month.


If you want to become our partner or have additional questions please contact us